The Phuket Loves You club is a structured organization that was created over 5 years ago with three objectives:

  1. To build a stronger LGBT community in Phuket consisting of both Thai and Farang (Foreigners)
  2. To raise money for LGBT & HIV Charities in Phuket, through which we will be able to offer our Thai friends better access to quality sexual health information and support. 
  3. To encourage more LGBT tourists and visitors from all over the world to come to Phuket and particularly Patong, where the large majority of gays and transgender people live and come to party. We want and bring closer together the LGBT communities of Paradise, Soi Tan and Phuket town.

All funds raised during Phuket Loves You Club major fundraising event “Phuket Pride” supports creating a healthier Thai and Expat LGBT community in Phuket

Phuket Loves You Club, through its fundraising event Phuket Pride, in 2015 raised 330,000 baht which after retaining a percentage of funds for future events, 300,000 was distributed to various LGBT & HIV/AIDS charities in Phuket.

Phuket Pride is proud to announce 2016 theme “Hand in Hand in Thailand”


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